• Innovation is quintessential for any company to grow and succeed. A sustainable strategy is backbone in taking innovation to a high commercial worth.

  • INNOVARA - a global leader in business & management development services in healthcare & Pharma industry has conducted the Brand Plan in Action workshop for identified product managers, marketing managers, divisional heads, medical advisors and cluster heads during 25th -27th August in Ahmedabad.

  • Initially a very comprehensive Brand Plan is created for 4 brands like Calcirol, Nuflam TH, Rabeloc Plus & Teli D

  • Marketing managers to discuss the approach and brand planning process with their teams as the next step post Training. As a part of the training process, we have completed 4 brand plans. Now, select one brand at least, from each of your divisions and prepare 3-5 year plan for that brand.

  • Important role for brand management team is also to identify the "Brand Differentiation Opportunity" & the right market need. If you have right differentiation, the role and job of selling becomes lot easier.

  • Objective of the brand planning process as a marketing excellence initiative to be used in developing all key Brands in Cadila.

  • To gain Hands on practice with the process and be confident in guiding / coaching teams in the process.

  • To focus on continuous improvement in brand planning capabilities of Cadila by taking a leadership role in implementing and nurturing the usage of the process.

  • Embrace accountability for the quality of the brand plans and excellence in their execution.

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